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Light, fast, electric

© e.GO Mobile AG

© e.GO Mobile AG

Continuous output of 22 kW, a range of up to 130 kilometres: these are respectable figures for an e-town car. But the most persuasive factor of all is the price: the e.Go Life is to cost almost 16,000 euros. Who? e.Go? This is not the familiar name of a car manufacturer, e.Go is a new player in the electromobility market.

e.Go Mobile AG is a start-up that engineer Günther Schuh, Professor for Production Engineering in the Machine Tool Laboratory (WZL) at RWTH Aachen University, has set up on the university campus. Schuh has a lot of experience in electromobility and was a co-initiator of Streetscooter, the company behind the development of e-delivery vans that was taken over by Deutsche Post which is now operating it very successfully alone.


© e.GO Mobile AG
© e.GO Mobile AG

Collaboration with Bosch


His e.Go Life is a racy electric city run-around that relies principally on lightweight construction. It weighs 650 kilos, although without batteries. The 48 volt drive is supplied by Bosch. The automotive supplier and the start-up have concluded a collaboration agreement which also comprises after-sales service besides the drivetrain. “In Bosch we have found the ideal partner”, Schuh emphasises. The supplier underlines the importance of a nationwide service network. “This is what we intend to provide with our Bosch Car Service network. Bosch Car Service companies already possess all-round expertise in hybrid and electric drives”, explains Dr Markus Heyn, Managing Director of Robert Bosch GmbH.

The attractive sales price can be achieved by means of advanced Industry 4.0 production methods, to name but one factor. Among other things, robot deployment in series production using Augmented Reality and a largely closed information logistics chain ensure that production costs and logistical expenses can be significantly reduced. The e.Go was presented at CeBIT 2017; series production is to start in 2018.


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